Dynamorphic Training System

The Dynamorphic Training System

Get in the best shape of your life while supporting combat trauma research and military charities

I’ve been at this fitness game for about 30 years and spent over $300,000 in education and training.  This is my own personally developed Strategic Fitness Program for developing and maintaining a powerful mind and body over a life time.

It’s tough to keep in top shape physically while being successful at a full-time, high responsibility job, raising young children, and always aggressively improving my education, skills, and abilities – all at the same time.

Currently I’m 48 years old, with a 2 year old son, at a very busy operational command, and getting an MBA in my spare time.

Your time is limited so never ever waste it on anything that is ineffective.

The problem in the exercise, nutrition, and supplementation world is that the scientific data remains sparse.  The best solutions for peak performance are often derived from some of the few high quality research studies, from some of the anecdotal experiences of the most successful coaches, from personal experience and education, and from just thinking philosophically about what makes sense.

It is this 4-part approach that is the basis for a principle-centered approach to training, nutrition, supplementation, and recovery that I call The Dynamorphic Training System.

But it’s not just a “training” system.  It’s what I call Strategic Fitness.  Strategy begins with the ultimate end in mind.  If your goal is to live a full and robust life, maximizing all of your desired abilities, and having time to spend outside the training arena then you should strongly consider looking in to what I am offering.

Besides, the majority of the proceeds of this project are going to found and fund the Combat Trauma Research, Education, and Development Foundation – with any remaining going to other military charities that I have been associated with in the past 30 years. Since over half of my active military career has been within special operations, many of those charities support that community.

Dyna means power and Morph means form.  So Dynamorphic literally means Power-Form (the development of a powerful body) or possibly the utilization of power exercises with a focus on perfect form. In the DTS it is BOTH.  Those functional barbell movements that constitute the base here are the squat, deadlift, upper body press, upper body pull, and the power clean.

These movements are the fundamental archetypes of human movement and must be involved in any training movement that translates over into normal, every day life.  We also involve various techniques for stamina, utilize four fundamental activities for endurance (run, swim, bike, row) and leave no stone unturned on any of the other basic physical abilities such as mobility, power and speed, and accuracy, agility, balance, and coordination.

You can think of this as a principle-centered system that takes the best from Body Building, Power Lifting, CrossFit, and Gymnastics to sculpt a lean, strong, powerful physique and helps you to develop a mind-set that carries these properties into other areas of your life.

Beginner workouts are usually 45 min, 3 days per week.  Intermediate 60 min, 3 days per week – but you can bump it to 4 if you really feel like you need Giant Killerto.  And advanced 60-75 min, 3-4 days per week.  You won’t look like the guy on the left who trains 20 hours a week- but you can compete with him like the guy on the left in a strong man competition and do extremely well.  Yes, that’s me on the right…


There is no fancy diet. And no derivation from the latest fad diets like keto, paleo, warrior, carnivore, etc.  Just quality food sources, small frequent meals, and near Zone macros.

Supplement recommendations are only those that are backed by evidence in the literature and have a track record of safety.  So things like Creatine, Caffeine, Whey protein, fish oil, Vit D are in.  For the most part anything else is out, saving yourself a ton of money on what is useless, and possibly harmful.

You’ll get a free Bonus – my own principles and strategies on Hormone Optimization.  Plus you’ll get a chance to sign up for the monthly health and performance update email list.

If you are a beginner, a former athlete, or in “descent” shape but really want to ramp it up without a huge time commitment the DTS will definitely help.

Strong is the new SexyIf you are a woman who believes that strong is the new sexy the DTS is an excellent way to get there.  And if you want to know why you should be engaging in a resistance training program please take a moment to read this post

If you are a seasoned athlete or in great shape right now the DTS will likely reinforce those principles you know to be true and bring you out of all the “tactical noise” of today’s social media fitness scene and back on to the true strategic principles that really work.

For more information you can go to the main sales page here: Dynamorphic Training System

To your best health and performance,

Lanny Littlejohn, MD