A Healthier You

A Healthier You: How to Make Positive Changes to Your Lifestyle

Healthy tips for our diet and exercise routines are all over the internet, but many don’t take into consideration how to make positive changes to other aspects of life. Because our physical and mental health are closely linked, there are many different ways you can focus on your well-being that don’t necessarily include food or activity — although these are important as well, of course. For instance, your oral health can have an effect on everything from your heart to your ability to reduce stress and depression, while your immune system relies partly on your gut.

When thinking of ways to get healthy, remember to make sure they are things you’ll be able to maintain. Staying motivated can be an issue when you’re tired or busy, so take that into account when creating a new routine for yourself. If you’re a senior or are living with a disability, you’ll want to ensure your safety and ability to continue to take certain medications; for instance, changes to your dietcan affect some medicines. Read on for some great tips on how to start making positive changes to your lifestyle for a healthier you.

Stay on Top of Your Oral Health

Oral health is extremely important to maintain because it affects, and is linked to, many other parts of our bodies. There are several things that can affect your ability to stay on top of your dental health, including changes in your health insurance or personal changes that make driving long distances for appointments inconvenient. There can also be issues with the actual dentist office itself, such as a lack of cleanliness. If your current provider isn’t making the cut, consider looking for a new dentistso that keeping your teeth and gums healthy is easier.

Get to Know Your Insurance Plan

Your health insurance policy helps you stay on top of your needs all through the year, so it’s crucial that you understand what’s covered and how/when to make changes when you need to. These policies can be complicated, so don’t hesitate to ask an insurance professional for help when going over the terminology. If you’re a senior, don’t forget to look at all your options, as Medicare offers several different types of health insurance; Advantage Plans from Cigna-HealthSpring, for instance, will help you payfor vision exams and dental care, which aren’t covered under Parts A or B. You should also take advantage of Medicare’s wellness check, which is covered every year, to stay on top of preventive care.

Take Good Multivitamins

We all know essential nutrients help us stay healthy, but we can’t always get them from the foods we eat every day. That’s why you should supplement your dietwith a daily multivitamin. Not all multivitamins are the same, though; the best ones are easier for your body to break down and absorb the nutrients. All areas of your health benefit from taking good multivitamins. Look for ones that contain a complete B vitamin complex to improve your energy and mood, as well as polyphenols for optimal gut health.

Get Outside

Spending time outdoors can be highly beneficialfor just about everyone; not only does the fresh air do your mind and body good, but you’ll also get a nice dose of vitamin D, which can do everything from boost your immune systemto aid in weight loss. Time spent in natural sunlight in the early to mid-morning hours will also improve your sleep quality as this type of light wave-length exposure improves the timing and amount of melatonin secretion later that evening.

It’s also a chance to take a break, which can reduce stress or anxiety and help you refocus during a particularly busy period. When the weather is nice, make it a point to get outside for a bit every day, even if it’s only for half an hour or so on your lunch break. If you have more time on your hands, and you own a boat, taking her out for a cruisehas plenty of health benefits. Being close to water promotes relaxation and restores the brain, as you stop thinking about everyday stressors and focus more on navigating the sea. You can become even more comfortable while boating by purchasing high-quality seats to replace your old ones. Look online for ones that have durable material and are within your budget.

Clean Up

Many people don’t realize how much their homes contributeto their well-being, but clutter, dust, pet dander, and mold can all play a role in how you feel. Give your home a good deep-clean —  including washing curtains and linens, steam-cleaning the carpet, changing your HVAC filter, and decluttering — so your home will be fresh and organized from top to bottom. You and your family will breathe and sleep better, and you’ll be better able to focus on the important things.

Getting healthy involves many things, so it’s important not to focus too closely on any one of them. Having a good balance between your mental and physical health is optimal, and how you choose to achieve that is a very personal decision. Talk to your doctor about any concerns you have, and think about the best ways to make changes for your specific needs.

-Jennifer McGregor

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