MaskDeadlift2     Hey Y’all, my name is William Cotten… and this is my slightly less inspiring (unclassified) Bio. Way to set the bar Lanny! Much like Lanny, I’ve always had a passion for human performance. I’ve always been involved in some kind of sports or fitness training since I was a kid. Regrettably, when my parents donated their 23 chromosomes to the cause, my height and weight came up a little “short”. Needless to say, I did not make it into the arena of professional sports, but my physical limitations did not deviate my interest into the world of human performance and physical fitness. While I do not have as many impressive accolades as Lanny F. Littlejohn, MD, I would still like the opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself and explain the motivation for undertaking this daily blog project; that you will hopefully follow more closely than your Facebook page.

Young Cotten Runs

     I was born in Mobile, Alabama and raised in the small town of Spanish Fort in Baldwin County. I was taught to fear the Lord, roll with the Tide, and all the intricacies of southern hospitality. At an early age my potential was exposed when I took 1st place at the Spanish Fort Elementary third grade smiling competition. This was followed by a multitude of 1st place finishes in barefoot racing events at the local skating rink; winning Big Con (mom) free Coke-Cola’s only escalated my competitive nature. It appeared my physical faculty was unregulated.

In high school there was a brief glimpse of serious untapped athletic potential when I put up a 14:53 5k, and landed myself an invitation to the USATF Junior Olympics Cross Country race in Lexington, Kentucky. Unfortunately, due to some slightly inebriated and questionable decisions making skills, my promising future in Cross Country Running was cut short. Consequently, I occasionally attended school at the local community college as a student of Graphic Design, and eventually enlisted in the military.

I’m currently serving my 12th year of military service in the United States Air Force and studying for my bachelors in Exercise Science. My military career has afforded me the unique opportunity to work with some of the military’s leading Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airman. This blessing has also allowed me to train with some extremely influential people, who have provided me with vision, structure, and support to obtain my fitness aspirations. This is the motivation behind what I hope will be, an inspirational and informational blog that will help you exceed whatever your current performance levels are. I employ you to join me and get the most out of your hard work, as I explore the advantages of elevation training.

I would like to give a special thanks to Joshua Baker and Thomas Olmsted for continually introducing me to new and innovative methodologies of fitness. To Justin Shaw, Joseph Kaleiohi, Brendon Drew, and Stefawn Payne for holding me accountable spiritually and physically. And finally, to Lanny Littlejohn for creating the next step and continuing to lead the way, thanks brother.