Hello, I’m Lanny Littlejohn – an Emergency Physician and long-time lover of all things strength, power, and speed related.  I started this site because I am passionate about optimizing my own health and performance: in mind, body, and spirit.  And I don’t think I should keep secret what I discover as I go through the scientific literature and attend courses in various disciplines in the health and performance genre.  I want to give you the information you need to succeed in your health and fitness goals – as well as show you how those fundamental truths you use to mold your body can also mold your mind, your character, your personality, and the rest of your being.  Your life is singular and important.  Honor it.  Make it what it was meant to be.

Richard “Schreck” Schreckengaust


Schreck is an Emergency Physician and a recovering bodybuilder turned avid triathlete.  He just finished the SuperFrog triathlon, the 200 mile EOD undefeated ride, and the Marine Corps Marathon all in the space of a few short weeks.  He shows that you can be strong and fast AND participate in elite endurance events with the right approach to programming and nutrition.

William “Roll Tide” Cotten


Hey Y’all, my name is William Cotten… and this is my slightly less inspiring (unclassified) Bio. Way to set the bar Lanny! Much like Lanny, I’ve always had a passion for human performance. I’ve always been involved in some kind of sports or fitness training since I was a kid. Regrettably, when my parents donated their 23 chromosomes to the cause, my height and weight came up a little “short”. Needless to say, I did not make it into the arena of professional sports, but my physical limitations did not deviate my interest into the world of human performance and physical fitness. While I do not have as many impressive accolades as Lanny F. Littlejohn, MD, I would still like the opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself and explain the motivation for undertaking this daily blog project; that you will hopefully follow more closely than your Facebook page.  Read more….